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About Us



Sharp-Rite was established in 1949. Twenty five years ago, Mr Ali Seedat took over Sharp-Rite as a dedicated Saw Doctor operation. Today, it is one of the most comprehensive distributors of saws cutting tools as well as the selling and repairing of all power tools and machinery. Sharp-Rite’s mission is simple: “To provide a specialised and efficient service to the markets we serve”. In the early days, the sales of saw blades and router bits helped establish the business within the industry. Ultimately, this led to a strong customer base and the success which management and staff enjoy today. Over the years, in order to grow the business, Seedat and his team started selling power tools and woodworking machinery. Seedat’s son, Ismael, now runs the business and continues the company’s ethos of distributing only the best quality equipment. By providing unrivalled customer service and post-sale follow ups such as repairs, service and maintenance; Sharp-Rite places itself in a very unique position.


     Sharp-Rite’s service to clients is the sourcing and delivering of high quality cutting consumables, specialized engineering and wood working tools. Our goal at Sharp-Rite is to, constantly, exceed our customer’s expectations, offering cost effective solutions. Sharp-Rite prides itself on customer service and back-up advise, whilst keeping up with the latest trends. An example could be the resultant equipment emerging from market developments.

     Sharp-Rite in recent years have acquired importing rights to sell and distribute CMT Orange Tools, and is now the main supplier in Southern Africa

     The business relationships shared with clientele, as well as the complete understanding of their needs is Ismael’s main goal. With continuous technical support and innovation from both our overseas and local principals, Sharp-Rite has become a key player in the industry. 



       1.   High tech CNC band saw welding and sharpenin

       2.   High tech CNC saw sharpening (HSS / TCT /Diamond)

       3.   Four to six months stock holding

       4.   Power tool and machinery repair workshop


 1.   Band saw blades ( bi-metal / carbon steel / TCT )

 2.   HSS circular saw blades

 3.   Friction saw blades

 4.   Segmental saw blades

 5.   TCT saw blades

 6.   Diamond saw blades

 7.   Diamond tooling

 8.   Carbide tooling

 9.   Engineering tools and cutters

10.  Tools,Power Tools, Machinery and Abrasives

11. Compressors and Specialized equipment


      1.   CMT Utensili (Italy) (Sole Importers and Agents)

      2.   Kampmann Saw Technology (Germany)

      3.   ASK Knives (France)

      4.   STW Tools (China )

      5.   Lukas-Erzett (Germany)

      6.   Somta Tools (South Africa)

      7.   Bosch

      8.   Metabo

      9.   Makita

     10. Festool

     11. Flex

     12. Hitachi

     13. Dewalt 


Source and deliver the highest quality, most cost effective metal, woodworking and paper cutting solutions. With over 50 year’s existence, our service orientated approach will continue our growth and success in the industrial sector.   


As one of Gauteng’s leading industrial specialists, our knowledgeable sales staff and attention to service has proved vital to ensuring that all our customers tooling needs are satisfied promptly, efficiently and professionally. We strive to become South Africa’s leading supplier in the industry. This is what makes Sharp-Rite the obvious choice as a supplier, because we continue to achieve levels of customer service excellence, which have become differentiators in themselves and deliver the real value proposition to our customers.

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